Automated Wire and Strap Tying & Bar Handling System

Automated Wire and Strap Tying & Bar Handling System

Smart machines for High Performance.

Sund Brista group is a world leading supplier of Handling equipment for the steel industry. Sund Brita provides a range of products starting from single machines to complete handling system for the steel industry. Sund Brista AB is a high standing supplier, known for its quality within the steel industry.

Sparkonix has a strategic tie-up with Sund Brista to provdie integrated automated bar handling systems for the Indian Steel industry, The systems are designed to receive bars from teh cold shear roller table and transport the bars to different stations within the bar handling as bar counting, collection, wire binding of sub-bundles, strapping of master bundles and unloading with weighing station.

With increasing pressure to optimize the costs, the tie-up has earned great response by the Indian steel Rebar and angle producers in the form of early adoption of automated systems.

Bar Handling Systems

  1. Cold Shear Conveyor Area
  2. Transfer Chain Conveyors
  3. Short Bar Ejection
  4. Bar Counting Station with Bar Counter (BCB)
  5. Bar Collection Station)
  6. Sub-bundling Station
  7. Master Binding Area
  8. Bar Bending Station
  9. Weighing and Automatic Tag

Coil Handling Systems

  1. Coil Collection Station
  2. Empty Pallet
  3. Turn Table
  4. Wheel Conveyor
  5. Coil on Pallet
  6. Coil Compactor, PCV 2300/KNB
  7. Weighing Wheel Conveyor
    and Manual Tap Marking
  8. Tilting Station
  9. Unloading Station
  10. Storing Chain Conveyor

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