CNC Rib Cutting & Name Marking Machine

CNC Rib Cutting & Name Marking Machine –

Dual purpose, optimised performance.

Popular across the emerging markets, Sparkonix’s Rib cutting and name marking machines are ideal for fast growing steel companies aiming for higher productivity without comprmising on the world-class ‘quality’.

The solutions combine the rib cutting and name marking operation in a single machine and provide an unmatched competitive edge to the steel roll shops. Ideal for carbide rolls, the machines come with standard name marking device to perform dual operations.

In addition to the features and advantages of the CNC 560U, the CNC 560UA also has the following add-ons as mentioned below.

Machine Tools Features


Automatic Centre Referencing Probe

Technical Specification

Parameters Specification
Diameter of workpiece Dia 100 to Dia 560 mm
Length of workpiece 800 – 2500 mm
Max Roll Weight 1000 Kg
Suitable for rebar Dia 6 to Dia 50 mm
Workpiece swivel speed 0-32 rpm
Cutting type Fly Cutter Head
Cutter Spindlespeed 0-500 rpm
Name Marking Device Miling Head Swivel Cutting
Cutter Spindle Speed 30 – 2000 rpm
Minimum Feed Unit 0.01 mm/deg
Head Stock Spindle Bore MT 5
Head Stock Chuk Dia 400 mm
Net Weight 4800 kgs
Dimensions (LxWxH) 4000 x 1580 x 2000 mm
CNC System Siemens 828D
Motor AC Servo Motor

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