Global Support

Global Service and Support to earn the best performance from your Rollshop Machines

Periodic Maintenance

Maximum up time with peak performance
Count on Our team’s experience of providing on-field maintenance support in over 45 countries around the globe.

  • Detail maintenance schedule with the Machine
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs)
  • Preventive maintenance and spare replacement

Remote Diagnostics

Speedy fault analysis and easy resolution
Our Machines are Industry 4.0 Ready and are therefore accessible remotely or real-time troubleshooting and support by expert technicians.

  • Remote access via a secure VPN tunnel
  • Access authorized by the end user
  • System view on usage and fault logs


Quick and committed support for emergency
While our machines are recognised for highest reliability, mechanical or electronic breakdowns may sometimes be inevitable.

  • 24 X 7 for continual support
  • Remote diagnosis and assessment
  • On-site Engineer visits can be arranged promptly

Spares and Consumables

Cost-efficient spares with global support
Our Machines use Spares that meet the global standards of performance and safety. A list of standard and critical spare parts with recommendation on replacement schedules is provided with every machines.

  • Guidance on optimisation of spare
  • Well-stocked spares and consumables
  • Quick availability for critical parts
  • Supply of spares to 45 Countries around the world

Application Engineering

Flexibility to easily accommodate your new products
Our Machines are also known for their robust construction, long life and modular designs. The machines can be configured for any changes in your products or brands. The team of technicians offers support for –

  • Improving throughput
  • Programming for new profiles/varieties
  • Optimisation of machining process tool life and quality
  • Recommendations to improve productivity and quality

With expert support it is easy for your teams to re-purpose existing Machines for your new requirements.

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