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Steel Rebar Manufacturing

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Sparkonix offers a complete range of consumables required in Steel rebar manufacturing like Carbide Tools, Brass Support, Heavy Duty Arbor Press, Arbor Press Machine, Adjustable Flushing Tube, Mountain Wheel and many more .

With deep understanding of the application aspect of the customers, we strive hard to deliver an efficient and cost effective consumables that provides needed results and long-term value.

Brass Support

The Brass support is one most important consumable item when it comes to Notch cutting process. It ensures that Tool holder rotates within the specified tolerances. Brass support not just act as backbone of the process but also ensures longer life of Tool Holder assembly hence manufacturing it with required tolerance becomes very important.

Sizes: – BS 4.7 / BS 5.4 / BS 5.8 / BS 6.4 / BS 6.8 / BS 7.6 / BS 10.0 / BS 13.0/ BS 16.0 / BS21.0 / BS 28.0

Carbide Tool

Sarkonix Carbide Tools are manufactured with the finest grades of Carbide. The Rib design requires three dimensional cutting (with or without collar cutting) in the Pass form, which makes selection of correct Notching tool very important. At Sparkonix, we ensure that correct grinders are used for Tool profiling to achieve desired results.

Sizes: – CT 2.5 / CT 3.2 / CT 4.0 / CT 4.5 / CT- 5.5 / CT -7.0 / CT -9.0 / CT 9.0L

Tool Holders

The Tool holders have the major role of absorbing all the forces during the cutting of Ribs. A good quality and right fit ensure long life for Notching Tool and controls the wear speed of Brass support. Sparkonix make Tool Holders are made from Special grade steel and are duly heat treated and coated.

Sizes: – CNC 500U
TH BR 4.5/2.5 / TH BL 4.5/2.5 / TH- 4.8/2.7 / TH-5.4/2.5 / TH-5.4/2.7 / TH-6.4/2.5/ TH7.6/3.2 / TH 7.6/4.0
TH 10/4.5 TH-13/5.5 / TH14/6.0 / TH16/7.0 / TH-21/9.0 / TH-28/9.0L
CNC 560U & 560UA
TH BR 4.5/2.5 / TH BL 4.5/2.5 / TH- 4.8/2.7 / TH-5.4/2.5 / TH-5.4/2.7 TH56-6.4/2.5 / TH56 7.6/3.2 / TH56 7.6/4.0 / TH56 10/4.5 TH56-13/5.5 / TH56-14/6.0/ TH56-16/7.0 / TH56-21/9.0 / TH56-28/9.0L

Poly Crystalline Diamond Tools

The PCD Tools are manufactured using the finest grade of Carbide used as Base material. The PCD is brazed on the carbide enabling a strong bond. The PCD Tools are used to cut on Carbide material. As the Rib design requires three-dimensional cutting with or without collar cutting in the Pass form the correct Notching tool selection is of utmost importance. It is important that correct grinders are used for Tool profiling.

Sizes: PCD 2.7/ PCD 3.4 / PCD 4.0 / PCD 4.5 / PCD 6.0

Branding Tool: CNC 560UA

Branding Tools are sed for Name marking, Sparkonix branding tools are available in Carbide as well as PCDs(Poly Crystalline Diamond). Carbide Tools are most suited for Cast Rolls & PCD Tools are suitable for TC Rolls & Rings.

Arbor Centre Assembly

This Assembly is used to clamp from the Tool Holders. Use of this Assembly ensures Concentric Rotation of Tool Holder during the process of Notching.

Arbor Collet & Collet Cap

This Collet is made from Spring Steel and used to Hold the Tool Holder Assembly. Once the Tool Holder is mounted in Collet the Collet Cap is used to Lock the Tool Holder within the Collet and ensures proper assembly.

Sizes: Arbor Collet Dia 22 mm : Arbor Collet cap for Dia 22 mm

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