Breaking the records – CNC Roll Turning Lathe from Sparkonix

About 5 years ago, Sparkonix achieved an important milestone. We crossed the 1,000 installation mark. The share of CNC Lathes, which was recently upgraded then, has been only growing through all these years. Today, some of the largest and most reputed steel producers around the globe use Sparkonx’s CNC Roll Turning Lathe. Thanks to its many advantages, the Machine is one of the first to be procured in automation of Roll Shops in the steel industry.

Breakthrough Productivity

Our CNC Roll Turning Lathe replaces 3 to 4 Manual Lathe Machines
Steel Roll Shops around the world have found a quick return on their upgrade to Sparkonix’s CNC Roll Turning Lathe. With automated programs, significantly higher feed rates and cutting speeds, a single CNC Roll Turning Lathe often tends to provide the machining output of up to 4 Manual Lathes in the same time. This makes it highly attractive for growing Steel Mills as they are able to reduce complexity in production and labor management, save on the shop-floor space while improving the throughput, and thereby providing a breakthrough in productivity.

Breakthrough Features

5 Guideways and so many other unique features
The Sparkonix CNC Roll Turning Lathe comes with several features that are unique in its league. The notable, and probably exclusively availabe with Sparkonix’s machine are

  • 5 guideways in the Lathe help to improve productivity and quality of machining
  • A Mobile App for Operators complete with the easy to browse user manual, instructions and videos for periodic maintenance, and an instant connect with the Sparkonix support team

Breakthrough in Controls

We are one of the first to launch Industry 4.0 connectivity

Featuring an advanced Siemens Controller, Sparkonix’s CNC Roll Turning Lathe is one of the first Machine in its segment to have made available the Industry 4.0 connectivity to manufacturers. As a result, it is now possible to monitor Roll Shop productivity at a whole new level, giving deeper insights in to the machining process. The industry 4.0 capability is pivotal to significantly reduce the costs per unit by optimising production process parameters.

Breakthrough in Durability

The Lathes we supplied about 10 years ago are still in operation
There is no better way to prove the durability of our CNC Roll Turning Lathe then to look back and check the performance of the Machine with age. Some of the Machines we have supplied are not only functional but operate at peak productivity, without any hassle even today. And with no signs of slowing down in future. The low maintenance is yet another advantage that our customers have come to experience over years of use of the Machine. The spare parts are available easily, are far more economical as compared to the equivalent Machines from suppliers based in Europe or USA.

Above all, the CNC Roll turning Lathe is priced economically as compared to equivalent machines . Given its affordability, it will not be an excess to say that Sparkonix’s technology offers the best price to value ratio in the market and has been pivotal in driving the automation of Roll Shops around the world.

If you are looking to step-up the productivity in Roll Shops, do get in touch with one of our representatives for assistance on understanding the benefits for your production scenario.



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