VIMANA for Steel Industry

Industry 4.0 Solutions

VIMANA is the leading cloud-based and on-premise Industrial Analytics platform for Operational Excellence and Business Transformation. VIMANA provides operational transparency to plants and enterprise performance so manufacturers can improve efficiency, quality, cycle time, cost reduction and responsiveness to customers.VIMANA’s products and services offer end-to-end solutions for Industry 4.0 implementation across manufacturing enterprises.

With a decade of experience and expertise in implementing Industry 4.0 projects globally, VIMANA comes with capabilities to support digitisation of steel manufacturing enterprises at all levels including:

  • Device Connectivity and Sensor Integration
  • Data acquisition & standardisation
  • Real-time visualisation and monitoring
  • Standard Analytics: Historical performance analysis
  • Advanced Analytics: Predictive and Prescriptive analysis (ML/AI)
  • Tools for integrated shop-floor communication and collaboration
  • Integration with Enterprise systems
  • Custom Applications
  • Custom Deployment Models: On-prem, Private and Public Cloud

VIMANA Solutions for Steel

Productivity Analysis

  • Understand production performance of manufacturing equipment
  • Perform analysis on process equipment utilisation
  • Identify gaps and scope for improvement in the production process

Predictive Maintenance

  • Understand the critical parameters that influence the health condition of a process equipment
  • Correlate the variation in process parameter with equipment health
  • Build algorithms to predict equipment deterioration

Predictive Quality

  • Understand the key quality parameters in steel manufacturing
  • Correlate the product quality with process parameters
  • Establish optimum operating thresholds to get the desired product quality using data analytics

Process Analytics and Resource Optimisation

  • Understand the resources (Fuel, Power, Water, Air) consumption pattern
  • Perform analytics and build applications/tools to minimize the resource consumption in the production process

Remote Asset Monitoring

  • Enable machine tool builders to remotely monitor the health condition of equipment in the shop floor

VIMANA Advantage

  • Global Market Presence
  • Proven delivery of Smart Manufacturing Vision
  • Commitment to Value Generation
  • Hardened Technology
  • Future Ready
  • Industry Thought Leadership
  • Manufacturing Domain Expertise


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